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Burial cave Eyyal

Important Laterite RockCutcaves in Kerala

  1. Ø Eyyal, Porkkulam, Kattakampal, Kakkad, Kandanasseri, Anakkara and Sukapuram.

  2. Ø Category: two types 1)single chambered, 2)multi chambered.

1) Kattakampal burial ground

2) Burial cave at Kakkad

3) Burial cave Kandanassery

4) Burial cave Eyyal



Location: –

At Eyyal south of Chiramanangad (Near Wadakkanchery Road)

Features: –

  1. Common outer court leading to main chambers.

  2. East facing main chamber.

  3. Main chamber higher than the smaller one.

  4. A bench each inside main chamber and small chamber.

  5. Crude irregular shaped flat surfaced blocks for keeping vessels and other objects.

  6. The potteries and iron implements were recovered from chamber.

  7. First century AD Roman coin datable to first century AD was unearthened near the site.

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