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Burial cave Kandanassery

Important Laterite RockCutcaves in Kerala

  1. Ø Eyyal, Porkkulam, Kattakampal, Kakkad, Kandanasseri, Anakkara and Sukapuram.

  2. Ø Category: two types 1)single chambered, 2)multi chambered.

 1) Kattakampal burial ground

2) Burial cave at Kakkad

3) Burial cave Kandanassery

  1. Location:

  2. 2km south of Ariyannur, Near Kunnamkulam

  3. Features

  4. Entrance: – recessed opening inclined towards east

  5. Chamber: –    hemispherical dome and parabolic floor

  6. Single chambered

  7. A circular opening on the ceiling of the cave (diameter 70cm)

  8. Average Height: – 1.5 m from the floor

  9. Benches on three sides with three legs cut out of the rock.


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