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Burial site & Kudakkalluparamb at Cheramanagad

Burial site & Kudakkalluparamb at Cheramanagad

  1. 69 megalithic monuments in a small area.

megalithics (8)

HOOD STONES  at cheramanangad

megalithics (10)
  1. 33 multiple hood stone type burials.

  2. Second largest concentration of hood stones.

  3. No of stones in hood stones ranges from 5 to 9.

  4. Intermediate between single hood stone and umbrella stone.

  5. Circle sectorally dressed clinostats of laterite.

  6. Clinostats tends to converge towards the top.

  7. They do not join.

  8. They have a circular gap in the middle.


ü Burial of an urn within a pit 1.05m depth

ü Relics- disintegrated bones, a vase in red ware, white painted bow.

ü The urn closed granite slab.

ü The pit was filled with same soil retrieved while digging wares,3 bowls and unidentified iron object were seen.

ü Multiple hood stone did not yield any interment.

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