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Kochi Muziris Biennale 2018

experience natualy….

The fourth edition of kochi-muziris biennale started on December 12 featuring and dynamic range of artworks across the world and it ended on march 25th in 2019. ”Culturally the biennale is going to have a tremendous influence on our future generations. Their thoughts and their lives ”says Abraham who wrote” Fort Kochi history and untold stories”. Sleepy little town Fort Kochi sprouts every 2 years when it’s old warehouses Bungalows and streets are taken over by the art world.

Aspin wall house

Aspin wall house,Coir godown,Durbar hall,,David hall,Cabral yard ,T K M warehouse these spaces conjure up the artists across the world who are ventured to narrate the possibilities .

Pepper house, Kashi art cave ,Kashi tower cave, Anand warehouse and map project space are the mother fortifications that holds the art. She searches for memories buried in traces .It is an excavation of residue the material speaks.

It was curated by eminent artist Anita dube around the theme of possibilities for in known alienated life.”I remember Guy Debards warning of a world mediated through images-a society of the spectacle-Virtual hyper connectivity has paradoxically alienated us from warm solidarities of community.

Lets sing the song of warmth of solidarity

”Biennale provides space We are working at full capacity to create the structures that I hope everyone can claim by listening sharing and speaking she said.. Anita dube years of curatorial travel ,intense research and diverse dialogues with artist and scholars across the continents stemmed the core ideas of collaboration and the company complimentary exhibition.

Bose Krishnamachari

According to Bose Krishnamachari founder president of the Kochi Biennale Foundation felt an urgent need to contribute to relief and aid efforts after the August Deluge and landslides that hit kerala state.

Chekkutty pava ,,solidarity with flood hit weavers

He offered that the materials used for Biennale pavilion will be subsequently repurposed to construct at least a dozen homes of 600 square feet each for the flood affected in Kerala.


Another exciting aspect of the winner was the team of 20 dedicated art mediators decided to stay in Kochi through the span of the event.

Reminiscential walls of previous editions of Biennale M AP

At first lets get into coir godown… ”The postcolonial body of our nation transformer centuries of subjugation into dreams that’s so turned sour.”

”The loom becomes an instrument plucking it strings, we reached the dead silence of wooden sentient beings rammed with concrete.”

The introduction to the works of coir godown runs like this.

Cyrus Kabiru

”Cyborg is born in the burning of the moon. A bird falls fast to the ground.

Meanwhile peasants and women continue their cycle of daily labour preserving seeds songs and stories tender and withdrawn.”


The artists who plait bind coir fibre include.. Priya Ravish mehra,Sunil janah ,Arun Kumar HG,Tania Candiani ,Tejal Shah , Sonia Khurana,Rula Halawani ,Santi mofokrng,EB ITSO ,Shambhahvi,Madhavi pareoh,BV Suresh,Cyrus Jabiru,Vipin Dhanurdharan.


They introduced the worlds of Bunglow as followsThe top floor sits heavily on sweet utopic longings .

on the ground lost past emerges in an archive..

AKram Zaatari ,The. Otolith group ,Radenko Milak , Anju Dodiya , Martha Rosler,Shubigi Rao,Song dong,Rina Banerjee,Sue willamson,Rania Stephan

These artist showcase their expressions here..

Chitra Ganesh ,Marzia Farhana,Kaushik mukhopadhyay ,EB ITSO ,Temsuyanger Longliner,William kentridge

Fluctuation between fantasmic mitic and futuristic possibilities within the tecno man machine order its limbic breakdown and reduction into an operating falls..

we have enough stills the great lemon the folies troubled histories littered with bones and chalices..


The zing of technology dance with gorillas and dark skinned Apsaras .They were out in the streets bearing their fangs for perusing dreams in forests..

Capitalism was astride a housewives ass..Mars sat on a pedestal. !!!!Seated on the floor women can read books to understand history that sideline their voice.. Flirting with danger she confronts masculinities infinite Investments in power throughdomesticity humour and matanoia..

The outdoor was are described like this..

”the slow violence of Mr.Sun threatens to become eternal, relieved only by the magic of writing with water.The fog clears fleetingly on the sheet of a glass as I write through the words I steal a glimpse of the world and you the promise of Art becomes that place beyond belief. .”


The outdoor works are executed by EB ITSO ,Song Dong,Nathan Foley ,Hassan + Andreel,Santa KV

.”Survival teaches him many things to take the chances that comes his way.. in and around admin block ground floor .Memories adhere. The works at admin block ground floor is realised by

Vicky Roy,Monica Mayer,Anoli Pereira,Bracha Ettinger,VV vinu ,Young Hae Chang Heavy industries ,Aryakrishnan, Rania Stephan ,Sonia Khurana ,Subhash Guam and Durgbai Guam ,Walid Raad ,Marlene Dumas

They continue… meanwhile in the village it is teeming with bird songs and stories .On the wall images fly around 360 degrees covering everything …just paper and ink .. just faces and bodies without tail soap ravishment and laws nothing flows..survivor knows everything is true and false at once..


Admin block 1st floor we see a forest of whispers..the unspeakable measure of turbulence like the sea.. the following rebels blaze the trail.

Satheesh PR ,Juul Krajier,Nilima sheikh ,Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook,Dennis Muraguri ,Chandan Homes ,Oorali ,Anjali monteiro and KP jayasankar ,Anu Palakanthu Mathew ,Bapi Das,Shilpa Gupta ,Shirin Neshat.

”Dense forest on the edge of the field, teems with wild beings and intrigue .The laws of the jungle apply. A big fish feed small fish.”


. Curator Anita dube pens”If we desire a better life on this year our unique and beautiful planet, we must in all humility start to reject in existence in the service of capital possibilities for unknown alienated life and searches for questions in the hope of dialogue….

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