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MangalaJodi wetland which sprawls around 10k square kilometre is a freshwater swamp or wetlands to the north east of Chilika lake. The village is under Tangi block of khurda district of Odisha is 75 kilometre from Bhubaneswar towards Berhampur.. the whole wetlands of ten square kilometre are riddled with narrow shallow canals bordered with reed groves in which they drive their canoes.


The main channel runs south for around 3 kilometres long.Mangal jodi has a nature trail running alongside like a broadened hedge that ends by the watchtower. We start our birding from the watchtower where canoes are available.Sri Sri Mahaveer Pakshi Surakshya Samiti(Bird protection committee) offers arrangements for this.

ssmpss arranges boats n guides

MangalaJodi is home to to 228 bird species of which 139 of them are wetland birds.Furthermore it is estimated that over 3 lakh water birds visit Mangalajodi every winter.They feed on the aquatic plants that is extensively seen in Mangalajodi.


The Tufted duck, Red crested pochard, Whistling duck ,Purple swamp hen ,Asian openbill ,Grey headed lapwing Northern pintail ,black tailed godwit ,Northern shoveler ,Eurasian Pigeon, Brahminy shelduck ,Clamorous Reed warbler, Eurasian marsh harrier White bellied sea eagle are some of the rare winged visitors..

wood sand piper

On the whole Chilika lake being the largest wintering ground for migratory birds in Indian continent the lake is home to threatened species of plants and birds.. Birds from Caspian sea ,Lake Baikal,Aral sea reach here in winter season.The birds from Russia , Mongolian grass land, Central and South East Asia ,Ladakh and Himalayas winter here.


These birds travel upto12000 kilometres to reach the lagoon. It is a freshwater zone with marshes, reed beds and rich wildlife .However Chilika lake is brackish..It is not only significant as a global wetland habitat but it has been declared as as an International Bird Conservation Area.

MangalaJodi today is one of India’s top wildlife tourism destinations having been placed first in the echo tourism where tourist are allowed a limited way.

whisker tern

The critical and catalytic role played by the NGO ”wild Orissa” an organisation for conservation of wildlife and nature is inspiring and incredible”wild Orissa” incredibly transformed the hundreds of seasoned poachers into hardline conservatives.Nanda Kishore Bhujpal of wild Orissa took the initiative first.Later they organised the poacher turned conservationist under the bannerSri Sri Mahaveer Pakshi Surakshya Samiti(Bird protection committee).

That was the first course of bloodless revolution and”wild Orissa” transformed the history of bird conservation in the whole realm ofenvironmental studies..Sri Sri Mahaveer Pakshi Surakshya Samiti(Bird protection committee)and wild Orissa andChilika development Authorities support the unique wildlife conservation initiatives in MangalaJodi


MangalaJodi is a very critical bird breeding habitat for a large variety of resident birds and migrant birds some of them are extremely rare and belongs to engendered species of birds that lay eggs and raise their young .

common moorehen

There is an immediate need to safeguard this delicate ecosystem from getting destroyed forever. The marking of the tracks for the canoe driving in the water area along which tourist will be taken .sign boards should be put up as directed by”wild Orissa” , Chilika wildlife division and Pakshi nirikshan samiti is the need of the hour. It is necessary to plant the trees that have been uprooted in the Cyclone Phailin impact is another major concern. The bunds and hedges which were destroyed in the disasters should be restored accordingly. Mangala in Odiya means abode or home. So mangala Jodi means home for water birds really e Jodi means couplets But


here it means the abode of all the creatures on the earth like the home of all water birds.

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