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Megalithic period

Megalithic period



Megalithic period roughly 500BC to 500AD

The period of early historic BC 300 to 500 AD

Iron age before BC 300.


megalithics (5)

Mega-Big  Lith-Stone

The burial monuments made of big stones,(All burials of this age are not megalithic. The lithic connection is important)

What items?


Monuments like Dolmens, cist burials, urn burials, umbrella stones, Thoppikal or capstones, hood stones, multiple hood stones, rock cut caves and men heirs.

Except veerakkal (Heroic Stone) all have burial associations heroic stage.

Laterite rock cut caves in Kerala

chirakkal n kakkad
  1. Ø distributed in the laterite zones of Trichur, Palakkad, Malappuram Kozhikode and Kannur districts

  2. Ø Sunk in laterite bed rocks.

  3. Ø Other terms

Laterite rock-cut caves, shaft graves,

Important Laterite RockCutcaves in Kerala

  1. Ø Eyyal, Porkkulam, Kattakampal, Kakkad, Kandanasseri, Anakkara and Sukapuram.

  2. Ø Category: two types 1)single chambered, 2)multi chambered.

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