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Megalithics In Kerala

Megalithics in Kerala


Kerala’s unique distinction evolving a few types of its own among megalithic monuments

1) Umbrella stone

megalithics (7)

2) Thoppikkal or capstones

megalithics (1)

3) Rockcut chambers

megalithics (2)
  1. All the types like dolomenoid cysts, urn burials, menhirs have their counterparts in south.

  2. The funerary monuments were locally known as Pandoo coolies (pit of Pandavas),pantavan para, muniyara.

  3. The first study of megalithic of kerala began with the discovery and exacavation of burials at Bangala molta parambu in Kannur District by Babington in 1823.

  4. Porkulam, Machad, Pazhauannur, Perambra, Arippa, Mangadu, Poredam, Cheramananagad, Kurumassery, Anakkara etc. are the megalithic sites excavated in Kerala after 1944.

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