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PANIYELI PORU (പനിയേലി പോര്),Where rivulet girls join together!

PANIYELI PORU,Where  rivulet girls  join  together !

PANIYELI PORU,Where rivulet girls join together !

River,river,little river!

Bright you sparkle on your way,

Over the yellow pebbles dancing,through the flowers and foliage glancing,

Like a child at play

C A Bowels describes the tender rivers in this way…

Paniyeli poru

Paniyeli poru

When  several strands of Periyar join violently as if they haven’t met for a long time.

They join hands like naughty girl children  at play and they crash down on the sharp edges of grayish black treacherous rocks and making them smooth.…

We saw the  girl rivers bubbling in mirth over the strata of rocks.

They  burst out in laughter with endless number of whirl pools .

Later  liqufied cuties play hide and seek in the mangrove forest with innumerable passages and mazes of groves .

numerous strands of streams that play hide and seelk in the mangrove forests

numerous strands of streams that play hide and seek in the mangrove forests

There are numerous strands of streams that play hide and seek in the mangrove forests.

Crystal clear water that slides  and slithers over there the granite beds like a charging python the dappled light trickles  through the widely distributed holes over the canopy roof.

the entwining thick wild creepers in the groves create an ambience of wilderness and togetherness.

The green dragon flies make  rounds in damp dense air  under lining the green back drop.

strange dragon fly

strange dragon fly

Each of the strand passes through lush shady groves that provides charming private space for family reunion..

The cool crystalline water thrills you beyond imagination!

we feel that we were get lost in the time and space!

We can slide over the slippery rocks along with water !

we feel that we were travelling backwards through the time river passage and attained child hood again!

its a marvelous space that break the tyranny of forward flowing time river and  it start to flow back ward!

the  presence of warm yellow butterflies evokes pervading spirit of festivity,.

lush shady groves that provides charming private space

lush shady groves that provides charming private space

Paniyeli poru is a  space where the confluence of several strands of  of river Periyar occur ,flowing in from Malayattur forest range.

We can see a very mild cascade of crystal clear water that smoothens the sharp  edges of granite rocks.

The guide warned us not to cross the streams;cautioning boards have been fixed  to discourage  tourists who venture into the river in area where it is deep beyond measure.

the rocks sport  several deep craters inter connected underneath as if in a cellar.

Paniyeli poru

Paniyeli poru

nature lovers can treck  through the dense mangrove forests  watching the river rushing past .

Paniyeli poru is is an ecotourism destination under Malayattur forest division situated 55 kms away from Cochin .

nearest railway station is Alwaye.

Several  strands of streams join forcefully crashing and fighting  each other  could be the meaning of  Poru.

Paniyeli poru

Paniyeli poru

Poru means fight in malayalm.

Rafts were  the vehicles that oprated manually along and across the river in Malayattur forest division.

They were made of bamboo cuts tying them together.

The poru may suggest the combatative spirit of boats men who fight against the violent streams in Paniyeli poru.

Storks of numerous variety and other migrating birds of several kinds   can be traced  in this region.

pen billed stork catches fish!

Open billed stork catches fish!

An open billed stork was   catching fish when i visited there.

its a home for numerous kinds of birds and animals.

The river mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum grows profusely here.

It s sure that we recreate our childhood experience in the  surrealistic back drop of Paniyeli poru.

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