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Umberalla Stones or kotakkal

Umberalla Stones or kotakkal

  1. Kotakkals are found mostly in the laterite areas in districts suches Kozhikode, malappuram and Trissur.

  2. Kotakkal: – in the shape of an oversized mushroom which looks like a palm leaf umbrella.


megalithics (9) - Copy copy
  1. Umbrella stone consists of an umbrella head, a laterite stone with a wide circular flat base.

  2. A stem almost in the shape of a lotus bud vertically divided in to four, that form clinostat.

  3. The clinostats beveled an the outside and each of them faces cardinal direction

  4. The centre of the clinostats

provides some space where some burial remains are sometimes found. Eg:Anakkara excavation.

  1. Clinostats join up together into a square at the base of the outside beveled in such a way us to close up along the diagonals the square.

  2. Surface of the clinostat is fairly dressed so that figure of monument becomes parabolic.

  3. The truncation near the top helps the circular umbrella part to rest on a rather flat surface.

Ariyannur Umbrella stones

megalithics (6)
  1. Location

  2. Aryannur is situated near choondal south east of kunnamkulam.

  3. Features

  4. Six umbrella stones in a group 4 are intact 2 are partly broken.

  5. Excavations revealed 2 two urns, one small and one large.

  6. Bigger urn has the ring chain decoration with parallel symmetrical ends.

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