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Why does the Blood In Your Veins Look Blue?!

Blood is red ,but …scene Aswathi kavutheendal Kodungallur

What an interesting phenomenon is this!!? Blood in your veins looks blue though being red? This is the reason that blood that courses through your veins in your body has a dark blue colour when you trace it through your skin, more clearly if you have a wheatish complexion. This type of skin allows for a much more lucid view of the veins and arteries.

Aswathi kavutheendal Kodungallur

Even though the blue colour is a totally different colour from red which belongs to a warmer colour spectrum along with orange and yellow. The blue colour belongs to a cooler group, another spectrum actually. The fat that is found under the skin allows certain light waves to penetrate the skin all the way. The red colour is not allowed to pass through fat. We perceive one object as red if it reflects red colour. If it reflects all colours, the object becomes white. If it failed to reflect no colours, it is taken as black.

The blue colour belongs to a colder group,…BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWER

Who is Blue Blooded ?

The first English record of the term ‘blue-blooded’ to mean noble descent dates to the early 19th century, but the notion actually stretches back much further. The concept is likely originated. The level of oxygen in your blood cells determines the brightness of the red colour. Blood pumped directly from the heart is oxygen-rich and bright red. As the blood circulates the body and oxygen are removed by tissue, the blood grows darker.

Blueness after the sunset..Velliyankallu bridge

Why Medical professionals Look Smart in Green cloaks In The Operation Theatres?

Earlier practitioners of the medical field would wear white which emphasised cleanliness (some still do). The doctors and nurses who are exposed to red blood colour complained of headache didn’t go well with many doctors and would perturb them psychologically. Even if they wore white, Some of them In the mid 20th century, they shifted to various shades of green or blue because it was opposite on the colour spectrum to the colour they keep seeing because of the nature of work they did.

Green colour refreshes eyes after a prolonged exposure to red

This had two effects— it reduced the number of headaches in these people and it made cleaning and washing easier Doctors and nurses seeing red blood constantly got relieved when they looked green colour..what is the significance of green over white? If a surgeon stares upon red and pink of the patient for a long time what would happen to his eyes? surely, his eyes grow desensitized to red colour. The red signal in the eyes gets weakened. It makes it harder to see with naked eyes,

crimson red beansseeds

While doing the surgery, their eyes may rest on white uniform.If they wear white, it is a combination of seven colours,VIBGYOR. It contains red and green. The red pathways in the brain may get weakened again. So, the brain registers the signals as green by mistake. If he wears green instead, he will not lead to such distractions. So better colour is green for doctors and nurses in the operation theatre than white.

Oracles at Kodungallur Temple

Red Crazy Guys have a Secret to Share ?

”Having red as your favourite colour identifies you as extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident.

You are action-oriented and physically active. You have strong survival instincts. Thus they describe the personality of red people, who loves red.” Your personality attribute may go like this.

greenery of village rainy season

Some of us may love red colour as our favourite colour. Some may take red as an obsession. Still, some others have a passion for blue and green colours. That may depend upon the individual tastes, influenced by cultural, ethnic and religious practices.

Kava ,near Malampuzha

Can we trace some anatomical reasons for being crazy over red colour? When light rays pass into an eye through the lens of the eye, they get dispersed due to chromatic aberration. If you have an eye with more than 23 mm axial length, it may be marked as the myopic eye.If the axial length remains less than 21 mm, we call it hypermetropic eye.

Sun rise Velliyamkallu

If a person with a myopic eye receives an image, the red colour with maximum wavelength focusses on the retina. the person feels comfortable..He loves red colour. He is accustomed to receiving red colour as a favourite thing. If you rule out other cultural-religious factors.Most of the persons with myopic eyes are crazy over red colour.

Sculpture with decorated with plants Chikmangalore

Let’s turn towards green lovers. when we have eyes with less than 21 mm axial length, they are called hypermetropic. Usually, they have a tendency to like green colours because the blue colour falls on the retina after the chromatic aberration. Which group are you in ?? Red People Or Green People??

thorns and flowers..colour of pains

Severe Pain Looks so Sublime With a Splash of Warm Colours !!

One of my cousin’s in Delhi was contracted by Meningitis T B. He recounted me the nightmarish experiences reigned by severe pain. He described that his crown was pulling down focussing the stem of the brain. He was experiencing unbearable pain for a long time often relapsed in the semi-conscious state quite often.

Scarlet leadwort koduveli

Suddenly he started to experience the pain in three, yellow and somewhat blue colour. Though the sensation of pain reflexes and sensation of vision belong to different sensory modalities, he experienced pain in three colours which is a very rare symptom among meningitis TB patients. Though fuming in pain my cousin somehow perceived the visual equivalents of pain.

pepper sifters from turmeric powder.

Does the World Look Better in Yellow Tinted Vision ?

The whites of your eyes turn yellow when you have jaundice . . The whites of your eyes might turn yellow when your body has too much of a chemical called bilirubin, a yellow substance. Though it’s very rare, if the deposit of bilirubin exceeds limits, the patient may experience a yellow filtering effect.

When we think of yellow vision and yellow colour we naturally reach Vangogh and his obsession for yellow colour. The yellow colour dominates through the paintings he created during his hospital stays. He was treated by the famous physician Paul Gachet during the 19th century. The Foxglove plant, which is the main source of , Digoxin was used for the treatment of epilepsy and mania. It has been suggested that the digoxin, induced xanthopsia is responsible for the yellow tinting exhibited by many of Van Gogh’s works.

effigy of ox Amakkavu temple

Xanthopsia is a rare condition that causes yellow vision which can also occur due to medications. it is a colour vision deficiency in which there is a predominance of yellow in vision due to a yellowing of the optical media of the eye. The most common cause is digoxin’s inhibitory action on the sodium pump and the development of cataracts which can cause a yellow filtering effect..

COURTSEY Dr.Keerthana M. MBBS.D.N.B. Ophthalmology

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