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Rare Orchids Spotted At Anakkara Hillocks


Rare orchids belonging to the genus Bulbophyllum  were spotted on the huge pillar like laterite blocks here at Ponnathaannira part of Anakkara hillocks in Malappuram district bordering Palakkad district. These exotic flowering orchids are found sticking on the huge laterite rocks as if the rock (very close to the spot were the megalithic excavation was carried out by ASI) were decorated with emerald laces.


The orchids have rhizomatous stems ,storage organ derived from part of stem with angled pseudobulb with one  leaf at the apex of the bulb.The mode of growth  of this orchid is specialised lateral growth with creeping root stalks. The flowers are born on leafless peduncle that arises from the leaf at the base of stems.

The Term Bulbophyllum is derived from bulbos means bulb, phyllon means leaf. Bulbophyllum is a genus with more than 2000 species of flowering plants. The greatest diversity is found Paupa New Guinea were they have thought to have been originated. The plants require high humidity combined with good air movements. They tend to prefer moderate light levels, but not like deep shades.protecting and preserving this rare orchid habitat is the need of the hour.

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